Small and attractive mini coffee shop

The Zen coffee machine brings you the full range of coffee shop style drinks in a compact footprint. It can be used as a table top unit or a free standing unit. The Zen is by far the biggest bang for your buck and provides the largest ROI. With a 300 cup capacity the Zen can make twice as many drinks compared to its competitors before it needs to be refilled.


Minimalist and attractive design

Zen's stunning look comes complete with ebony glass finish and customizable touchscreen interface. With its combination of style and technology the Zen will certainly have your customers and employees talking.
The In-touch selection system provides an  icon driven user interface, akin to many consumers electronic devices. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The Zen even has the option of incorporating the use of Bluetooth technology where together with the Button Barista App you can order and customize your drink directly from your smartphone. Truly an industry first.
The front panel is easy to customise and brand for customers with multiple locations.




Coffee shop quality drinks

All beverages can be personalized within the In-Touch selection system and you will be able to enhance your drink even further with the extra shot function.
Wether you want the true taste of espresso, a relaxing moment with your coffee shop favorite, freshly brewed leaf tea or something a little more indulgent, Zen has it all to offer.


Technology that sets us apart

Zen's I-Detect system will ensure that a cup is dispensed every time or and would allow you to place your own cup. 

The In-Touch user interface incorporates a patented selection system akin to many electronic consumer devices.



Going Green

During inactivity periods Zen will lower the boiler temperature to reduce the power consumption. It is also possible to set a complete shut down for a given time period, reducing energy consumption up to 35%.
LED lighting further reduces energy consumption and the brewing system does not produce paper waste.
The Cup sensor allows use of your own cup reducing plastic and paper cup usage too.
Zen is rated with an A+ ENERGY CREDENTIAL

Recommended Markets



Food Service and Cafateria