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Thee art of espresso coffee in your office

 Vitale S opens up a new world of sensations in your office. The art of the espresso coffee has traditionally been thought of as the ultimate science of the senses, and Vitale will let you discover a wide variety of ways to enjoy this art.

Vitale S is a fully automatic Bean to Cup machine for coffee services in small offices  and it takes full advantage of todays technologies in the hot beverage market. The result is a small, versatile machine that is extremely easy to use.

The Vitale S comes with its own refillable water tank and does not have to be plumbed in adding to its versatility and ease of use. Just plug it in and enjoy delicious Bean to Cup Coffee.


It is time to say goodbye to Pod Coffee

Committed to elegance and simplicity of use.

The Vitale design uses simple shapes and elegant colors so the machine can easily be integrated into your office.

Its chrome touch buttons with LED back-lighting make drinks selection intuitive and easy.

The LCD display permanently shows information about the status of the machine and drink preparation.

Customized Design:
The front design can easily be customized.

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An espresso coffee to enjoy with the five senses.

With Vitale you will notice the perfect balance between cream, aroma and flavor from the first to the last cup, because the machine achieves an ideal distribution temperature from the very first services.

There are up to 7 different product selections: small coffee, large coffee, espresso, coffee with milk, café mocha, cappuccino and hot chocolate. There is also an option for hot water for tea infusions.

The machine includes a Brita anti-limescale AquaAroma filter as standard, guaranteeing coffee made with purified water and no strange flavours.

Performance and Reliability

The latest technology and years of experience are have been combined to deliver the Vitale.

It incorporates the same robust components as those developed for professional espresso machines at a fraction of the price.

Vitale was designed to make maintenance extremely easy:
 -Easy to re-stock coffee and soluble product.
- Easy to refill the water tank.
- Easy to empty the waste tray.
- Error diagnosis system.
- Anti-limescale filter that extends the useful life of the machine



Adapts to your business model

Vitale was designed to adapt to different business models, with several function modes and an extensive accessories catalog.

Adapt the function mode to your business model:

- Free sale
- Exact price with validator
- MDB change-giver
- Cashless systems (key, card)


Recommended Markets



Food Service and Cafateria